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She wanted to be alone, but not lonely. That was very different; that was something that ached and hurt dreadfully right inside one.

Elizabeth Von Arnim, The Enchanted April (via wordsnquotes)

I learned not to trust people; I learned not to believe what they say but to watch what they do; I learned to suspect that anyone and everyone is capable of ‘living a lie’. I came to believe that other people - even when you think you know them well - are ultimately unknowable.

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If you like her, if she makes you happy, and if you feel like you know her—-then don’t let her go.

Nicholas SparksMessage in a Bottle (via feellng)

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I don’t want to look back in five years time and think, ‘We could have been magnificent, but I was afraid.’ In 5 years I want to tell of how fear tried to cheat me out of the best thing in life, and I didn’t let it.

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You drink like you have to forget something.

Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.

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You’re in love with something bigger than love
You believe in something stronger than trust

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He’s devastated me but he’s also made me happier than I’ve ever been.

Blair Waldorf  (via temptasiann)

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"I don’t love him but he’s here and you aren’t"

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